The Sports Gene

As this is my second sports-related post in a row, you might be thinking “What’s happening with James? Where are the show tunes and theatre reviews you’ve come to associate with me and this blog?” The truth is I don’t really have much of a sports gene. As a child I was never naturally gifted in that area. As well

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Sweden v England

About a decade ago, probably much longer, I remember a friend, Declan, declaring he was supporting England in the World Cup. He was a born and bred Irishman, who concluded that, since Ireland had been eliminated from the World Cup, he should probably support England instead. “Don’t you remember what the English have done to us over hundreds of years?”,

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Black and White

Shadows on Oxford Street, Darlinghurst

I’ve been feeling slightly restless in the last few days, and so have been wandering a fair bit, taking a few photographs here and there, a few of which looked better in black and white than colour, so I thought I’d share them. Nothing special, all on my camera phone, with a black and white filter.

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