It’s Saturday afternoon and it’s another warm day in Sydney. As you walk around outside, the sun beats down, so it’s nice to be indoors with the fan blowing. Since I last wrote I’ve been a busy little beaver, both with work and attending a few Sydney Festival events and going to the movies (although I have to admit it was the same movie I saw twice!)

My niece, Michelle came down from Lismore for a doctor’s visit. I met her at the airport and, ahead of the appointment at 1.30, took her for a tour around Sydney. We paid a visit to the Opera House, The Rocks (where we had lunch at The Orient), the City and to the set of Channel 7’s Sunrise. At the Opera House, I took this especially good photograph of Michele in front of the Harbour Bridge. I also travelled on Wednesday, I travelled to Rooty Hill for the funeral of a work colleague’s mother. I’ve never been to Rooty Hill before and I can tell you, there’s not a lot there. It was also stinking hot until the torrential rain hit.

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