Looking at my “Last FM” profile today, and in particular those I share musical tastes with, I notice the lack of any Australians and a preponderance of European men in their 30s and 40s (including those who have chosen Agnetha Faltskog and The Flying Nun as their avatars).

Last FM

What should I make of this?

4 thoughts on “Musical Friends

  1. You’ve inspired me to re-energise my last.fm account. Sure, the Mac itunes plugin is a dog, and none of my music ever registers properly (I wonder how many artists are “original broadway cast”), but its kind of fun.

    And Vista, I see. Brave man!


  2. As a record of music played, it’s a little flawed, because it doesn’t pick up what I play on my mp3 player, nor CDs. But I really like the “mixed bag” of music (including lots of artists I’ve never heard before, and who aren’t easily available in Australia) you can get using the software. I also see that we have a “very low” musical compatability.


  3. I think that might be Terry Wogan second from the right on the bottom row… well, I suspect it’s not him but someone using his photo as an avatar. Maybe there’s a Eurovision link to your lastfm neighbours!

    I gave up using it… as Tyson says, the mac version isn’t great…


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