How Did You Get Here?

I can scarcely believe this blog is now almost five years old. In that time it has gone through several incarnations. First, as a travel record of my time in Darwin. Then, as an online journal of my life in Sydney (and it was boring!) Then, as a means of recording the events of my year in Perth (and keeping in touch with people back in the Eastern States). And more recently as an exercise in creative writing, where I’ve tried to make the posts more meaningful, even if they’re sometimes fairly trivial.

And yes, this is a trivial one. It’s a blog about you, dear reader, and how you got here. Most likely, you’re a friend or family member, though I know some of my closest friends hardly ever read this. Less likely, you’re someone who has arrived here searching for something else. And one of the great things about having recently moved my blog to WordPress hosting is that I can now see how you arrived here, thanks to their very good statistics package.

Based on the stats for the last week, I conclude the following…

* About 20 or 30 people regularly read the blog… I’m pretty sure I know most of you, but if you’re a regular reader and you haven’t commented, please give me a yell to say hello.

* A fair number of the people in the last couple of weeks came here looking for information about “Keating The Musical”, food in Tasmania, “The Bra Boys” movie, or Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman.

* A few people came here looking for family history information about the Rixon Family in particular.

* A fair number came here looking for information about “Hungry Jacks” including information about the operating hours of the Oxford Street store in Sydney.

* A couple of people who came here wanted to know if John Foreman or Rove McManus were gay, and someone wanted to know if Molly Meldrum was straight.


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