Seasonal Change

Winter Arrives Today

Winter Arrives Today

One of the great things about living in Sydney with such an entirely agreeable climate is the lack of clearly defined seasons. Winter turns into Spring, turns into Summer etc usually without clearly defined moments. Unlike those who live in colder climates, we just don’t have events like “the first snow of winter”.

Today, however probably marks the first day of winter with Sydney enveloped in a fairly thick fog. There are international diversions at the airport, and the Manly Ferry has been replaced by buses. So yeah, I guess today marks the first “official” day of winter in Sydney.

2 thoughts

  1. I’m always amazed by Sydney people who greet the first slightly crisper mornings with the plaint of “Freezing!” and pull on beanies, scarves and thick coats as soon as the temp drops below 20deg. The weather here vacillates between hot, warm, mild and cool. Occasionally it will dip to cold for a day or so. I’ve never known it to even approach “freezing” (well, not in the Inner West).


  2. MH – hehehe. It’s turned out to be a very sunny day actually. TheOtherAndrew came over last night and said he had to “stop” himself from bringing his knitting with him.


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