Pizza Tuesday

Pizza Tuesday
Pizza Tuesday

I had a takeaway pizza for dinner tonight: one of those really delicious Crust Pizzas that I have enjoyed previously. I don’t know why but, coming home from work today, I was really quite tired, and collapsed on the couch almost instantly after I walked in the door. I don’t know why, but I’ve been sleeping quite soundly the last few nights, and I’ve actually slept in the last few mornings much later than I normally do. Yesterday morning, for example, I knew I was asleep, I knew I needed to get up, but my mind and body kept telling me to stay in bed a little bit longer.

It wasn’t helped much this morning by the absence of hot water. The hot water service in my block was replaced late last week, and for some reason or other, there was no hot water when I went to have a shower this morning. Although I tried to have a cold shower, I just couldn’t do it, so I packed my bag and had a shower at work instead. Noticeably, the bloke in the cubicle next to me spent a long time in the shower, as he was in there when I arrived and still in there when I left. For me, it was a reminder of how much I’ve come to appreciate my creature comforts, that a brief cold shower wasn’t enough.

Amazingly, it brought back childhood memories of Monday night baths in the copper (also used by mum for the washing) and the use of newspaper instead of actual toilet paper (yes, I swear it’s true). What a wimp I’ve become I thought. I was pleased, therefore, to find the hot water restored when I arrived home tonight. In fact, it was the first thing I checked as I walked in the door.

And once I’d done that, I collapsed on the couch for a brief nap. As previously noted, Tuesday night is fast becoming my nemesis, being the “nothing night” of the week. I mentioned this to a colleague at work the other week, and he told me he and a group of friends meet monthly on a Tuesday night (and have been doing so for years), going out regularly to restaurants in an alphabetical manner. J=Japanese. K=Korean. L=Lebanese. etc…

I started tonight with P for Pizza!

5 Replies to “Pizza Tuesday”

  1. MH – I don’t eat Crust that often (though I love it), but what scares me is they know who I am when I go in there.

    Cellobella – I’m thinking there must be a rare African cuisine that starts with Q or maybe I could just call it quisine.

    Graeme – there can’t be an action-hero-james without nanna-nap-james to provide the energy.


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