Let Me Explain

I was at the Lewisham Hotel with Graeme and John last night (and a few others) when all of a sudden my eyes were drawn to the poster on the wall. It was a “signed” tour poster featuring Sammy Davis Junior, Liza Minelli and Frank Sinatra. The most obvious thing about the poster was that Liza looked totally smashed (that mid-distance cocaine stare), so it looked like poor Sammy and Frank were having to hold her up.

And then I looked down a bit further…

…and saw a bracketed explanation of “theatre in the round”. Did we really need it explained?

I also thought it was cute – and a sign of the times – that you could actually write in for tickets. Ah, how times have changed.

  1. Do they show ‘dirty’ pix in the Lewisham Hotel? See the top left reflection in the picture!



  2. How funny. I hadn’t noticed. I took the photo during a break in the football, so it must have been an advertisement. And I just noticed my reflection too!



  3. $111 a ticket would have been a lot of money for a show in those days.



  4. Actually if that was Friday night it actually looks like a scene out of Two and a Half Men… which is kind of embarrassing to admit to knowing…

    I did initially think it was porn too though :)



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