My Weekend So Far

The drama started when I caught the wrong train at Central and ended up at Ashfield instead of Newtown.
The drama started when I caught the wrong train at Central and ended up at Ashfield instead of Newtown.

Well it’s Sunday morning and I’m kinda half-watching the 2020 summit on television. I watched a fair bit of it yesterday also. Nothing remarkable so far, from what I can see. Highly reminiscent of a thousand conferences I’ve been to, complete with facilitator, whiteboards and butcher’s paper. And I did have to laugh when one of the facilitators asked everyone to get up and say hello to the person next to them.

Yeah, it’s shitty weather and I probably should go out and do something with my day, I guess. But it’s kinda nice just to be sitting here in my tracky dacks, reading email, watching television, and sometimes staring out the window. Multi-tasking is the way of the future.

Actually it’s been a pretty good weekend. It all started on Friday night, Damo and I went to dinner at Guillame at Sydney Opera House. We had a great table, a great meal, and lots of fun conversation. Damo has promised to provide a lengthy post about the degustation meal we had.

And then last night I went with Andrew to a friend’s house-warming party at Erskinville. It was a case of “lost and found” for both of us on the night.

And then after meeting at the Bank Hotel, walking to his mate’s place, we also got lost again. Thank goodness for the GPS on my mobile phone.

The party was loads of fun, and I met some interesting and fun people.

I’ve got a couple of work-related things to do this afternoon, and I’m back to work tomorrow.

Whatever happened to my little holiday?

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