Pink Shirt Thursday

Pink Shirt

Pink Shirt

It’s late in the afternoon and, unfortunately, I can’t leave work just yet. I’d love to be at the pub right now, but I’ve got to hang around until about 6.15 for various reasons. And although I could be doing something productive, I’ve decided to just catch up on my blog. It’s been a busy week and I’m pretty bloody exhausted, to be honest.

In addition to all my usual daily activities, I’ve also been coming in to work early (6am start), and there have been a couple of nights of work-related activities on top of that. It’s no wonder I’m approaching this weekend wondering if I should “everything” or “nothing”, if you know what i mean.

Unquestionably though, the highlight of the week was when I joined the ranks of those who participate in “Pink Shirt Thursday”. Twelve months ago it was all the rage for my fellow bloggers Tom and Monty. It has something to do with the finance industry, apparently. Well, last night, without even thinking about it, and without realising it was Thursday, I wore a pink shirt and a pink tie.

In some ways it’s odd that I bought a pink shirt and pink tie, because I’ve always though pink was a bit of a “poofy” colour. But it’s funny, once you find yourself wearing a pink shirt with a pink tie, you start to notice other people similarly dressed. It’s like a secret society of sorts, I guess. And last night at our “big work dinner”, I suddenly noticed there were four other blokes wearing pink shirts and pink ties. And guess what? They were all poofs! I rest my case!

  1. Wahooo! I still wear pink shirts on Thursday – it’s just become a standard thing for me that I don’t even really think about. Don’t think our Tom is however – such a slacker!!! Welcome to the club!!! :-)



  2. Nice tie, where did you get it?



  3. Danny – to be honest, I don’t recall. I suspect it was one of the tie-shops at Market City in Sydney’s Chinatown.



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