Min Favoriter

As I prepare for my big European trip, I thought I’d share with you clips of my recent (last year or so) favourite Swedish pop songs. Two are in English, three are in Swedish.

Kleerup feat. Titiyo – Longing for lullabies: I first heard about Kleerup through his work with Robyn. He’s a Swedish DJ and drummer who works with female vocalists. His album has recently been #1 in Sweden. Tityo is the half-sister of 80s/90s legend, Neneh Cherry.

Veronica Maggio – Måndagsbarn (Monday’s Child): I don’t know much about Veronica Maggio, except that her surname suggests she has some Italian heritage. This track is 60s in style, very memorable, and I really like the clip as an indicator the changeing face of Sweden.

BWO – Save My Pride : The young bloke is a former “Swedish Idol” contestant, the old bloke was in Army of Lovers, he featured in the video clip for Alcazar’s “Crying At The Discoteque” and he wrote a song for one of Agnetha Faltskog’s solo CDs. He’s also quite odd, it seems, by the way. This song was originally recorded by Alcazar and it’s got a bit of “Europride” vibe about it.

Nanne Gronvall – Hall om mig (Hold Me): Although strictly speaking a couple of years old, I love this song. It was “the people’s choice” to represent Sweden at Eurovision a couple of years ago, but missed out due to the over-riding “judge’s panel”. It’s a great song in so many respects. Love the song. Love the clip. Nanne is the daughter in law of Benny Andersson from ABBA, by the way.

Peter Jöback – Stockholm i Natt (Stockholm At Night): And from last year… a possible theme song for part of my trip… This song is about how Stockholm comes alive at night. The singer has featured in a couple of Bjorn and Benny (from ABBA)-related projects. My friend Grant has a website about Peter.

Thus further proving Sweden makes the best pop musik in the world!

4 comments on “Min Favoriter

  1. Crikey, I can smell the anticipation of your trip from here! Gråta ut flytta ifrån!


  2. Tusen tack, Tom! But did you like the songs?


  3. I’m already humming along to Titiyo singing. I might just iTune it! The last one I didn’t get but that’s probably more due to the fact I don’t understand Swedish and plus he sounded melancholy. I also liked the Veronica Maggio song.


  4. Yup, always a fan of europop (in moderation!). Veronica Maggio reminds me of my favourite French language singers, Axelle Red and early Patricia Kaas.


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