Chinese New Year Parade

Some of the crowd watching the Chinese New Year parade on the steps of the World Tower in Sydney.
Some of the crowd watching the Chinese New Year parade on the steps of the World Tower in Sydney.

To be honest, I didn’t really enjoy the first Chinese New Year Twilight Parade in Sydney, although I’ve enjoyed the parades previously.

It all seemed like it was just the daytime parade at night, as opposed to being a twilight parade. And by that I mean a parade which made the “most” of the evening and the capacity for lights to bring a parade to “life”.

And it wasn’t helped by the fact that it started late, quite considerably late, losing many of the benefits of the twilight period, as opposed to the dark.

I also found myself crushed at one point when a firetruck needed access through the crowd.

The crush was all a bit too much for me, so I headed off to the pub for a while, while Kate continued to watch the parade from the front row.

Unfortunately the parade was all a little dragged out, with often large gaps between the different floats. We both ended up a little bored, to be honest.

There were some nice bits though, such as running into a woman with whom I work – Chinese heritage – who I chatted with for a while, and seeing some other familiar faces, such as my local newsagent.

I also thought the fireworks were quite good.

But overall, it could have been a better experience.

One Reply to “Chinese New Year Parade”

  1. :| Aren’t they supposed to have tonnes of lanterns and cool stuff like that? And float them on a river? Because that would be good. But, I agree, the normal Lunar New Year thing is pretty boring. Not nearly as good as Actual Normal New Year ;)


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