Swedish Class

My text book, Svenska Utifran

My text book, Svenska Utifran

Swedish class was reasonably entertaining again tonight.

As we’ve moved into “intermediate mode”, Marianne has begun to do most of the class in Swedish.

Well, almost all of the class actually. Slowly and deliberately she delivers the instructions about what we’re going to do in Swedish, and sometimes with an English follow up.

For me, one of the most powerful moments was when we did some dictation. “Oh my goodness”, I thought to myself, “I’m understanding most of what she had to say, and I can re-produce it on paper”.

That said, we still have a long way to go.

On reflection after the class with Grant, we both agreed the course was great fun.

We also expressed some trepidation that Marianne was going to be away for a week as she had an operation on her foot. She has a great sense of humour, and a good understanding of human nature. You never feel “punished” for not doing your homework, but you know you should. Grant and I both did are homework by the way, while others failed to deliver. In short, she makes learning Swedish a lot of fun.

“Oh no”, we wondered, “who are we going to have while she’s away?” we both worried.

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  1. Mscherry, Marabou ar bra! Mycket bra! I struggled to eat a whole one, I admit. And the meatballs aren’t anywhere near as good as the ones I ate in Sweden. But I didn’t notice the beer? Hoping it’s proper beer and not that awful light stuff? James

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