Monday Night

I don’t know why, but I was really tired most of the day.

Photograph of Hawkesbury One from the Sydney Morning Herald, July 2004. I am not in the photograph, as that was the year I was living in Perth.
Photograph of Hawkesbury One from the Sydney Morning Herald, July 2004. I am not in the photograph, as that was the year I was living in Perth.

Well actually I do know why. It’s because I had a visitor for the weekend.

And while I would normally spend some of the weekend resting up, this weekend it was all go, go, go…

It’s not a good look, is it, when you find yourself yawning in the lift at work first thing on a Monday morning.

Still, I didn’t feel so bad, as I heard someone in the lift say to another… “Oh God, I wish I was still in bed”.

Mondays are like that, eh?

Nonetheless, I achieved a fair bit throughout the day, and don’t feel like I was entirely a waste of tax-payer’s money :)

I also managed to go out for lunch, which has been my “New Years Resolution” since arriving back from Europe. In fact, I’ve been quite good at maintaining this routine. Mostly, I just go out by myself, finding a quiet spot to eat a delicious meal and to de-stress and relax somewhat. I’ve found it’s also been a good time to resolve an approach to some of those “discussions” you often need to have. Today’s lunch, by the way was a noodle beef dish.

And since arriving home from work, I’ve made a brief visit to the supermarket for a few bits in pieces, and I’ve also spent some time working on a new website.

As I’ve mentioned previously here, I’m part of a small group of art collectors called, “Hawkesbury One”.

Put simply, we each contribute an amount of money each year with which we collectively purchase art works. The works are then shared and rotated amongst us for six months at a time. It’s a very democratic structure, as we all contribute exactly the same amount of money, and all have an equal say in the art works we purchase.

Although we’ve had a very basic website (linked to the Yahoo Group we communicate via) for several years, we resolved this weekend to beef up the website, to document the collection more clearly, and to offer some advice for other people who might like to do something similar.

If you have any thoughts on the site, and what other information might be useful, please have a look at Hawkesbury One – Draft.

One Reply to “Monday Night”

  1. What a great idea! Although I want to do this with a snow share and a boat share and a coastal holiday house too…so I wonder if there will be any money left over LOL I guess more incentive to stay motivated to make a small fortune! ;)


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