More Swedish Pop

I’ve spent a bit of time tonight listening to a CD I haven’t listened to for a while: Djupa Andetag.

It’s a Swedish phrase which means “deep breaths”, as in “she takes every day with deep breaths”.

The album was recorded by Frida (formerly of ABBA) in the mid 1990s – coinciding with her fiftieth birthday – as a bit of a “mid-life statement” about her life, thoughts and beliefs.

Sounds all a bit Oprah, doesn’t it?

But it’s a really great album. All of the songs have great tunes as well as great lyrics.

This is one of the songs from the album, provided here with English subtitles.

Även en blomma
En människa som jag
Vill leva varje dag
I djupa andetag

“Like a flower, a human like me, will live every day in deep breaths…”

It’s a great clip, with shades of just about every Scandinavian film you’ve ever seen.

Please don’t be so harsh as to suggest the old lady in the clip is Agnetha, though :)

And here’s one without English subtitles, but essentially it’s all about how you understand the human soul from the person’s eyes…

Det syns i ögonen
När han äntligen får äga henne
Hon ler med ögonen
Mot en hand som når
Tar och får
Ögon ser varann i själerna
Och förstår

“Eyes, it’s in the eyes, you look in the eyes and you understand…”

“Do yourself a favour…”

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