Meeting Mikey and Melodifestivalen Gallery

As noted here and here, I enjoyed a terrific weekend catching with some current and former members of ABBAMAIL/Village, and watching Melodifestivalen with an assortment of Swedophiles, friends, and one Swede.

With thanks to Graeme, here are some photographs from the weekend…

3 thoughts on “Meeting Mikey and Melodifestivalen Gallery

  1. Hey James, have Mikey stop by his old apartment in Portland, Oregon & grab his skis on the way back to his desert hideaway. Mt. Hood’s ski areas got another 2 ft of snow this weekend with another foot and more coming in the next 3 days. All excellent powder! ;-))

    He’ll know exactly where to go. Hope you’re all staying cool down there.


  2. Hey James,

    Great photos. It’s nice to see Mikey join the Sydney crew for a couple of nights at the pubs. It makes me very nostalgic for the times I was able to join the group on my Aussie Adventures. I can’t wait for the next chance I get to come back to the land of Oz.


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