Meeting Mikey and Melodifestivalen Gallery

As noted here and here, I enjoyed a terrific weekend catching with some current and former members of ABBAMAIL/Village, and watching Melodifestivalen with an assortment of Swedophiles, friends, and one Swede.

With thanks to Graeme, here are some photographs from the weekend…


  1. Hey James, have Mikey stop by his old apartment in Portland, Oregon & grab his skis on the way back to his desert hideaway. Mt. Hood’s ski areas got another 2 ft of snow this weekend with another foot and more coming in the next 3 days. All excellent powder! ;-))

    He’ll know exactly where to go. Hope you’re all staying cool down there.


  2. Hey James,

    Great photos. It’s nice to see Mikey join the Sydney crew for a couple of nights at the pubs. It makes me very nostalgic for the times I was able to join the group on my Aussie Adventures. I can’t wait for the next chance I get to come back to the land of Oz.


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