Swedish Class

Swedish class was a lot easier this week, and therefore a lot more enjoyable.

Amongst the many things we did this week was listen to, and study the lyrics from the recent Melodifestivalen hit song, Snälla snälla by Caroline af Ugglas. Grant did a terrific translation of the song, and I brought a CD along to class. We read the words, attempted our own translation, and then listened to the song.

It was good in many ways. The lyrics were reasonably simple and so we could all follow what was happening without too much difficult. It was great fun to listen to the song, and it seemed to cross the range of age and interests in the group. And mostly, it was a new and contemporary way to practice Swedish.

Oh yeah, and did I mention the rain?

Last night, we were heading home without the power. Tonight, it was in heavy rain.

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