Friday Night at Yulli’s

“I recognise you from your blog”, the bloke who runs the bar said to me when we sat down at a table.

I wrote a blog piece about Yulli’s when I first visited there a few months ago.

And obviously he must have googled the name of the bar and came across my rather positive review.

Although I had planned a rather quiet night at home, especially as I’m feeling a bit crook, I got a text message from a mate who was in the area, asking if I, and another wanted to catch up for a drink and a bit to eat.

It was a great night. Much enjoyed. And possibly the first time I’ve been recognised from the photo on my blog.

  1. So you are TOTALLY famous when people recognise you from your blog!



  2. Happens a bit at work too, as people research stories and find my blog.



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