Easter Show

I spent a few hours today at the Easter Show.

The Easter Show is always such a danger for me. Having lived a long time now in Sydney, it always arouses feelings that I should move back to the country.

When I visit the show I’m reminded I miss the smells and the people.

And whenever I visit the show I’m reminded there’s a big part of me that’s a country boy at heart.

6 comments on “Easter Show

  1. You didn’t visit the knitting…? :)


    • I didn’t actually see any knitting this year. Maybe I should go again?


      • There were at least three cabinets with knitting in them. Shetland shawls, modern coats, ghastly picture knitting, cute toys. Maybe your new glasses need recalibrating…? :)


  2. I just like the Showbags. I know the animals have to be there but I’m only interested in the showbags and the rides. Of course, when I used to go, the show bags were between 30 cents and 40 cents. Now they’re $25. Time marches on!


  3. I suppose I will make it out to the Show again one of these years.

    I haven’t paid a visit since the last show held at Moore Park.


    • Yeah, now they expect us to go to Homebush? I don’t know if I have a passport that covers that part of the world! And they want to move Mardi Gras out there as well…are these people on drugs?

      Keep things near the city that’s what I say. All roads, all trains etc. lead to the city.


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