Sunday in Surry

Grass in Moore Park, Sydney

Grass in Moore Park, Sydney

It’s Sunday evening, and the forecast very high temperatures don’t seem to have materialised. It’s been more a “warm day” than a “hot day”.

In my area that’s meant lots of people walking around in shorts, revealing their previously hidden pasty legs. “Mine are transparent”, a mate commented in Twitter.

As with yesterday, it was another reasonably lazy catch up day.

The most energetic thing I did was go for a big walk around the neighbourhood, eventually ending up in Moore Park where I watched some guys playing soccer for a while.

We have a lot of “yappy dogs” in my neighbourhood, I noted today. “Yappy dogs” who do “yappy poohs” which you don’t really notice until you sit down on the grass.

Still, it was great to look around, enjoy the silence and the smells, and the warmth of a fine sunny, winter’s day.

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