Tired and Crook

Although I made it as far as the pub for a meal and a beer (with Grant), I’ve skipped Swedish class tonight.

I’m REALLY tired. I’m a bit sneezy. And generally I’m feeling a bit crook.

Published by James O'Brien

Born: Lismore; Lived: Brisbane, Bourke, Renmark, Wagga, Perth, Sydney | Work: Radio | Love: Travel, Genealogy, Sweden, Family and Friends.

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  1. Is it catchy via blogs? Maybe I gave it to you? Is your ear blocked? I’m going back to work today with the aid of many over the counter medications. Get well soon – big hugs!


  2. Actually, might be time for you to have a blood test – full blood count. Ongoing tiredness can be the first sign of many things including Type 2 diabetes. If you haven’t had a full blood count done in the last year, you really should go to the doctor and get it done.


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