George Street

When I woke this morning and saw the weird red glow outside my window I actually panicked a bit. I’d gone to bed last night expecting some winds and some dust would have arrived in Sydney, similar though nowhere near as dramatic as that which had occured yesterday in Broken Hill. As I blogged last night, I’ve lived through a couple of dust-storms. But I wasn’t expecting what I saw when I woke this morning.

The last time I remember seeing the skies so red was during the Christmas Day bushfires of six or seven years ago. I remember waking up from a mid-afternoon nap and then walking outside and seeing the famous “blood red skies”. I joked at work today, though, I joke… “the first thing I thought when waking up was that my windows needed a good wash”.

So yes, the dust-storm was the talk of the day all around Sydney, and the reason why I rushed into work early this morning. Along the way, I snapped a couple of photographs of Crown Street, my street, and George Street. What’s strongest in my mind, though, was not just the red dust, but also the sounds of fire alarms going off throughout Surry Hills and The City. Weird stuff.

My mate Andrew has some better shots, by the way.

  1. When I read the Broken Hill post early this morning, I thought well there is a nice surprise for you when you wake.



  2. […] months ago in Sydney we were recovering from the dust storm. Twelve months later it remains a topic for conversation in Sydney. And it’s an event which […]



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