Ever lovin’ Adelaide

I don’t know if there’s another source for the phrase “Ever lovin’ Adelaide” but for me it’s a phrase I’ve always associated with “ABBA – The Movie”. There’s one point in the movie where, as the DJ Ashley makes his way around Australia, following ABBA on tour, he tells his manager he needs to go to Adelaide, to which the manager replies, “Ever lovin’ Adelaide”. It’s a phrase which has just stuck on amongst friends, many of whom actually come from Adelaide. Well, today I’ve spent most of the day in “Ever lovin’ Adelaide”.

After the last few days of near continuous activity, Sue and I have needed a bit of a break, so we’ve spent the day close to home.

Late this morning we went out to pick up some brochures for a planned Barossa tour tomorrow, which we considered over a coffee. And then, after lunch, Sue went to a movie, “Mao’s Last Dancer” while I visited some colleagues here, one of whom I’ll work closely with in the future.

And then later this afternoon we went for a drive up into the Adelaide Hills, visiting Mount Lofty which was reasonably well fogged in, and then onto Hahndorf which is a beautiful little town.

  1. Comes from the Broadway Show “Guys and Dolls” – Music and Lyrics: Frank Loesser, based on the Damon Runyon short story.

    Roles include bumbling gambler hustler Nathan Detroit and charismatic Sky Masterson playing their games and losing their hearts to Miss Adelaide, queen chorine of The Hot Box, and Sergeant Sarah Brown of the Save-A-Soul Mission.

    “Ever-Lovin’ Adelaide”, was a ballad written for Frank Sinatra’s 1955 movie version” of G&D, where he is singing about his girl – [Google “Adelaide, Adelaide’ for all the lyrics.]

    Adelaide, Adelaide, ever-loving Adelaide,
    Is taking a chance on me,
    Taking a chance I’ll be respectable and nice,
    Give up cards and dice, and go for shoes and rice,
    So gentlemen, deal me out, do not try to feel me out,
    I got no more evenings free (you may scratch me)
    Since Adelaide, Adelaide, ever loving Adelaide
    Is taking a chance (talk about your long shot)
    Taking a chance on me.



  2. Hi Kris, d’oh of course!! I saw the show last year and completely forget. Cheers, James



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