Early Mark

Actually it’s not that hot, but it is warm. And even though I have the balcony door open – which I’m sitting near – I’m feeling a bit sticky.

Not an especially exciting Thursday. Just sitting at home tonight and listening to the radio.

I’m in “savings mode” right now, as I’ve realised just how few pays I have until my overseas trip. Financially this will be less taxing than the last one, simply because it’s so much shorter. But still, it’s time to tighten my belt for a few weeks at least.

And the day? Well, it was mostly dominated by a funeral I attended late this morning. As with all funerals, there was for me a fair degree of self-reflection that often goes with the concern for others you know and love.

It’s exhausting, you know. So I gave myself a half-hour early mark and came home a little early today.

  1. You only went home half an hour early ? You should have taken the rest of the day off, after that.



  2. I didn’t make it back to the office at all James, far too exhausting this grief thing. Finally put some thoughts down today http://zero2one.wordpress.com/2009/11/23/saying-goodbye/



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