Back from Melbourne

Melbourne Skyline

Melbourne Skyline

I left my mobile phone on longer than I perhaps should have when catching the plane to Melbourne on Tuesday.

I was monitoring what was happening with the Liberal leadership spill for as long as I could.

At about three minutes to ten, the figures were confirmed and I knew Abbott had replaced Turnbull.

Coming back tonight, I got on the plane knowing Nathan Rees was facing his own “Waterloo”.

By the time my plane had landed, he was history.

I’m almost scared to catch another plane, just in case something else happens.

Even though I really enjoyed my time in Melbourne it’s nice to be back.

It was a reasonably exhausting few days. “I’m exhausted”, I told a colleague in Melbourne today. “All I’ve done for three days is talk”, I added. But despite being exhausting, it was a really productive few days.

And on top of the work, I really enjoyed Melbourne. It’s a great place, even if the weather is sometimes shitty. That said, the weather was great, and I had a really nice time.

I’m working quite hard on a major project at the moment, which isn’t quite complete, but which remains pretty close. And I’ve still got a few things to do, but it’s close.

And I really want to get it finalised, because we have a work Christmas Party tomorrow. Can’t wait…

PS. Just in case the NSW Liberals are thinking of replacing Barry O’Farrell I’m catching another flight next Thursday at 1.00pm. So if you’re planning to make a change, it’s obvious that’s the time to do it :)

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