As far as my workplace is concerned, summer is coming to an end. A bunch of people arrive back on Monday. And so things will ease off a little bit for me, as I can almost go back to doing only my job and not keeping an eye on some other areas too. Yay. So I went out for lunch to celebrate. Well, not really. It was just a lovely day.

And so when I asked a couple of colleagues if they’d made plans for lunch, and they hadn’t, the solution became obvious: Din Tai Fung. They have the yummiest food which is made freshly before your eyes (windows into the kitchen), and with good, speedy service. And while best known for their dumplings, I enjoyed a really terrific tofu dish today. In fact, of all the meals we ate, it was my favourite.

So yeah, work was reasonably straight-forward today. I got a lot achieved and I got to go out for lunch. On the way home I noticed how good the air felt. After cloudy days, after humidity, after extreme temperatures, today was just about the perfect Sydney summer day.

So how did I spend the night? Watching television, of course, though nothing memorable.

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