Bush Capital

I love all the parkland in Canberra. I love the fact that, as I walked to the Dickson Shops to grab a bite to eat, I could walk through stands of gum trees. You’re still in the middle of Australia’s capital city, and to an extent, you can still feel like you’re in the bush.

Even though I had planned to catch up with a friend tonight, I piked, citing tiredness. We chatted on the phone for a while, nonetheless.

The other thing I’ve discovered today is that I’ve become a somewhat complacent traveller. A trip to Canberra? No worries, throw a few things in the bag and she’ll be right? Wrong! Although I took several types of skin protection and conditioner with me, I didn’t bring any toothpaste, and thus bought a $1 tube from reception downstairs this morning. That’s two teeth cleans! And although I brought a suit with me in addition to casual clothes, I only actually brought the one shirt I was wearing with me. It’s currently in the bathroom hanging up, and I’m hoping it will be dry by tomorrow morning.

So yes, that’s my second glamorous night in Canberra. Doing some handwashing and feeling physically and mentally tired. The radio still doesn’t work, and there’s not much on the television aside from “Big Love”. I’m guessing some type surfing the web will be in order.

I haven’t actually been “into Canberra” since arriving. My plan for the morning though is to get up early, go for a walk, check out the lake etc, before catching the bus tomorrow.

Graeme – if you’re reading this… I’m unlikely to make the pub tomorrow.