Life, Actually

Galleries on Flinders Street

Galleries on Flinders Street

Life kinda returned to normal today.

Something at work made my grumpy, which was always going to happen I guess.

And I went to an exhibition opening with Kate.

The exhibition was by a young artist called Peter Nelson, who Kate met through their common involvement at Red Gate Gallery in Beijing.

“It’s like industrial coral”, I observed as we walked around the exhibition which portrays amongst other things, works on paper of massive, chaotic buildings. They’re re-produced in 3CD-form made from cardboard boxes.

A lot of his work is also based in nature, with rural landscapes dominating.

It was a lovely contrast to the rest of the day which I’d found rather frustrating. Ah well.

In other news, my old couch now features in an American television commercial.

I got an email from a bloke a few weeks ago which said…

A google image search for “old couch” pointed me to your blog, and the couch image from the post “Messy Old Couch” (1/19/2009). Wanted to get your permission to use the image as a very small part of a video I am assembling here in the US.

Of course I said yes… and now it’s online. Mine is the old, ripped stripey one, I bought in Wagga about twenty years ago but which now “lives on”….

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