The sign leading to Cartmore Lane is very inviting. In the midst of the corporate green of the City of Sydney street signs, these days, it’s a refreshing reminder of the past. And it’s in stark contrast to the brown and orange painted wall.

I don’t know how many times I’ve walked past Cartmore Lane. Probably hundreds. But as I came home from lunch today, and noticed that all-too-familiar sign, I realised I’d never been down Cartmore Lane before, even though it’s just a few hundred metres from my home.

The street sign gives you an expectation of something wonderful. Maybe just around the corner, as in other parts of Surry Hills, there’s a hidden garden, or wonderful street art?

Unfortunately, there were no hidden gems to be found in Cartmore, nor the adjoining Hastings and Alexandria lanes. Instead, there were lots of parking spaces, signs about parking, garage entrances, and garbage bins.

I took some photographs, nonetheless.

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