Travel Tuesday

China travel brochures
China travel brochures

I picked up some travel brochures on the way home from work today.

As much as I would LOVE to make a return trip to Sweden, the focus for my next overseas trip is China.

My friend Kate has been working in Beijing on and off over the last few years. She’s going back the week after next for the remainder of the year.

Her schedule for September isn’t so busy. I also have a week or so in my calendar which allows me some freedom, so I’m thinking of heading to Beijing for about 10 days. A day either side of a weekend, and a week in between, and suddenly you have an ideal opportunity to a brief holiday.

I’ve been checking out airline prices and it’s very affordable to get to Beijing.

I’ve also taken some advice from friends and colleagues who’ve assured me September is a good time to travel.

So yeah, that’s my next big travel plan.

In between, I’m heading to Adelaide and Melbourne for work in a week or two.

For many years I didn’t travel much.

Now I can’t seem to get over this travel bug.

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