Gympie Muster – Day 1

If you’re not a “morning person” (which I’m not) there’s nothing like the adrenalin rush of getting to an airport for an early flight. Having missed a morning flight years ago, and having almost missed my big trip to Europe a couple of years ago, I’ve become completely paranoid about morning flights, and normally only book afternoon flights these days.

That’s wasn’t possible for this trip to Gympie, and so I was booked on for a 7.30am flight. While “morning people” wouldn’t think twice about 7.30am, I went to bed last night half-expecting to get hardly any sleep at all.

“Shit, I’ve missed my flight” I thought to myself when the radio came on and woke me to the familiar sounds of the theme music for the radio show, “AM”. Luckily it was the “early edition” of the program which comes on after the 6.00am news.

The flight to the Sunshine Coast was a pretty good one, especially as I scored a seat on the exit row which I shared with just one other person. I’ve NEVER had so much leg room in my life. Thanks Jetstar! I had a little while to wait at Sunshine Coast Airport for a colleague, before coming to Gympie late this morning. The airport, by the way, is unexpectedly good for a regional airport.

The day at Gympie was excellent. We recorded a “live show” for airplay on radio tomorrow night. The show was a “cavalcade” of great musicians including Neil Murray, Jasmin Rae, Luke Austen, The McClymonts (fan-bloody tastic) and many others. It goes to air at 10pm on ABC Local Radio on Saturday night.

We worked hard. Very hard. But also had a good time. And after the “live show” I went for a bit of a solitary. I took a seat here, I grabbed a beer there. I watched a few shows, and desperately tried to find a beanie to warm my increasingly frozen ears. After a warm day, it’s a cold night.

Ten years ago, I swear I’d have been in the front row of the mosh pit enjoying myself to the max. I’d have enjoyed a beer or ten, and probably would have met a bunch of new and interesting people. Now that I’m older (and hopefully wiser), the lure of fresh motel sheets and a bit of peace and quiet has been too strong to resist. Although it’s disappointing I haven’t really met any “locals” (aside from friends and family of my colleagues), I’m lovin’ the hotel room.

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