Laneways and Pathways

Wiltshire Lane, Surry Hills
Wiltshire Lane, Surry Hills

As I walked home tonight and looked up at the sky, the light caught my eye. The photograph here probably doesn’t capture it, as it was taken on my mobile phone. Perhaps a bit of photo-shopping might help? Wot evah, it was a lovely afternoon, nonetheless.

According to the weather man on Channel 10, it was still 26 degrees when I arrived home. How cool is that?

As I wandered home, I couldn’t stop thinking about a conversation I had today with someone I know. We hadn’t spoken for quite some time, and so I asked her how her recent live-in-relationship had gone. She told me things hadn’t worked out which is a shame, because she’s a really great chick.

When I mentioned how much I sometimes wonder if I’d become “too set in MY ways” there was instant recognition on her face.

I’d like to say something and such and such about the pathways in our lives, though I’m not sure what.

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