Lady Luck

Playing the pokies

Sometimes when I’m feeling a little stressed I like to play the poker machines. It’s usually only two or three times a year, and I get bored pretty quickly with it. But I still think it’s fun.

Today after I work I did just that. I popped into a nearby pub, got myself a beer and sat down in the front of the King Of The Nile.

As I get bored easily, and as I think you’re never really going to win on poker machines, I go for the high-speed, high-risk approach to gambling. That is, I decide how much I can afford to lose – today I chose $20 – and I take the maximum bet approach. Today, that meant 20 x $1 bets. Short enough to avoid the boredom, but large enough so there’s an element of risk. Either I’ll lose it all – which I’ve mentally prepared myself for – or I’ll at least get my money back, or hopefully win. Today I won $120 which was a welcome surprise.

On top of my Melbourne Cup office sweep win on Tuesday, and discovering $50 left behind in an ATM, it’s fast becoming a week of financial windfalls.

  1. Thin edge of the wedge before becoming a problem gambler. Try Geisha. I am ahead with that one.



  2. […] my friends made their way to the casino – I’m not one for gambling aside from playing the pokies a few times a year – I made my way home, catching a cab to Oxford Street, and then walking […]



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