Day At The Pub

Two or three times a year a bunch of us catch up for an afternoon of lunch, drinks and chatter.

Sometimes we’ll head over to Manly, though mostly it’s at a pub fairly close to Central Station in Sydney.

The common connection is that we’re all “ABBA Fans”. Well, not all of us anymore, and so it’s a connection which has transcended that connection somewhat.

The usual thing is meet for lunch, have a few drinks and a chat, have another meal, and then head off.

And so that’s how I spent my Saturday.

We started off at the Royal Exhibition Hotel. After a while, though, the combination of Port Power supporters and horse-racing enthusiasts became all too much, and so we headed up to the recently refurbished Strawberry Hills Hotel.

They’ve done a nice job refurbishing the Strawberry Hills. They’ve managed to maintain some of the “flavour” of the downstairs bar, and briefly taking a peak at the upstairs, they’ve managed to create a great new space.

After several hours of chatting, drinking and eating, and it was time to come home and settle on the couch to watch Eurovision and, in particular, Eric Saade’s spectacular performance. Sweden has a chance this year, I reckon.

2 thoughts

    • Victor – yes the results are already out there, as it goes to air in Europe on Saturday night with a delay to Australia on Sunday. I also watched ABC News this morning ahead of The Insiders which I expected to be a Eurovision free zone, so I already know the results. I won’t repeat them here since I know some people enjoy waiting to find out the results until Sunday night though. Will post later tonight about my feelings.


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