Stockholm Summer

It’s been a day of getting out and about and enjoying the warm weather. Stockholm is such a beautiful city. I love the water and I love the parks. I also love the way how everything grows wild in summer, in contrast to the cold, winter months. And today was just spectacular. Here’s a brief slideshow of photographs from my adventures today wandering around and observing summer life, activity, buildings and nature in central Stockholm.

5 comments on “Stockholm Summer

  1. You have some really great photos there!


  2. Really wonderful pictures!


  3. Interesting photos, some of the water scenes remind me a bit of Sydney.


    • Yes there are similarities, though the harbour doesn’t freeze over in winter. The climatic extremes are part of the physical appeal of Stockholm for me.


  4. Really nice pics.
    Stockholm is the world´s most beautiful town, isn´t it?


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