Eurovision Song Contest & Sweden

As we count down to this weekend’s Eurovision Song Contest, I’m still a little disappointed Sweden didn’t have the guts to choose Army Of Lovers as their entrant. The song is only three minutes long, but so much happens in that time: blatant lip-syncing, lewd gestures, overly padded crotches, Lion King costumes, a same-sex kiss, a bizarre bit of spoken word lyric, and more. The song is also very catchy. Now the contest is dominated by “Idol” and “X-Factor” winners, Eurovision needs a little more “whacky”, I think.

4 Replies to “Eurovision Song Contest & Sweden”

  1. Well gentlemen, I’ll show my age and comment that James said it all as to why the song wasn’t chosen for the Song contest.

    James referred to the video’s lip syncing, gestures, crotches, costumes, kiss, bizarre spoken lyric ‘and more’; then almost as an aside James comments ‘the song is also very catchy’. It’s a song contest not a video contest.

    Anyway, I enjoyed watching it.

    So there (tongue pointed out at you both)!


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