As we walked around the markets yesterday morning, the name “Cary Lewincamp” caught my eye. Back in the days when I was still a broadcaster (and even now from time to time), I would often play his tune “Salamanca Saturday” (a short instrumental piece) on the radio. And there, as Sue and I walked around Salamanca Markets was the man himself. I mentioned this to Sue, and as he took a break in playing, she walked up to him, said hello, did the introductions and we had a brief chat. He even played a little of “Salamanca Saturday” for me.

For me, the music was the best part about the markets. Unlike many markets where the same buskers sit in the same place for hours doing the same tunes, there seemed to be a regular turn-over of performers. There was also everything from a bloke playing what appeared to be a traditional instrument to a young band fronted by a rather cool looking fifteen year old. “I’m going to take a photograph”, I told Sue, “…in case they’re the next Silverchair”.

I’m not a great one for arts and crafts, so the market didn’t hold a great attraction for me. On the other hand, Sue picked up a couple of pairs of ear-rings. We also bought some apples for the trip to Launceston.

Just when we were about to leave, we passed a stand for the Tasmanian Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby. Noticing they had a pamphlet for Gay & Lesbian Pride Week, I picked one up. Noticing the Pride March was about to begin, finishing up in nearby Parliament Square, we decided to stay a little longer and watch the festivities.

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