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Social Sex Website
Social Sex Website

As I’ve previously discussed on this blog, I have a semi-regular problem with people using my address to sign up for variety of fairly dodgy websites. Mostly of these sign-ups seem to be for older blokes in America who have bought a new car (and need insurance) or are for female-oriented adult sites, neither of which I have an interest in (I can assure you :).

Since I have a fairly generic email address, I’m guessing what happens is that someone needs to use an email address for something, and so they either “fake it” or the person inputting the information makes a shortcut. Unfortunately, because I have a fairly generic email address, these sign ups are often in my name.

There’s a guy in Ireland, for example, who often signs up for adult dating sites using my email address.

Most of the time the emails I receive will be asking me to confirm an email address (which I ignore assuming its spam).

But other times, these emails indicate no confirmation for sign-up was required at all, and so I find myself with my email address (which I’ve had for close to a decade) already associated with something which is quite dodgy, and which I’m not happy about.

What I’ve made a practice of doing over the last year, with those sites is going in, requesting a password reset, and then deleting the account. Most of the time you can do that easily, but other times it’s quite difficult. There’s still a couple of sites I can’t disassociate my account with, so send the emails directly to spam.

Canada Classified
Canada Classified

The latest of these dodgy sign-ups occurred today, as a male-seeking-female male escort in Canada signed up for a classified advertisement offering his services. Because he had used my email address to sign up for this site, I felt absolutely no shame in logging into his account, changing his password, and deleting both the advertisement and the account.

I’m a Scorpio – don’t cross me :)


  1. My proper name is a bit common but I use it rarely on the net and have never had such a problem. Regardless, all but real name get flooded with spam and oddly, usually of heterosexual variety for various sites. A Yahoo address I have that is just .com rather than is the worst.

  2. Hello James,
    Just wondering, your Ad says that you are 28, yet your photograph suggests you are slightly older than that, when you arrive at your client’s home to deliver your ‘service’, how do they react upon seeing an older than they were expecting, gent? I guess I am asking if being dishonest about your age is helping your business?

    concerned citizen.

    p.s. On a lighter note, do you have any words of advice for other young men who are trying to break into this line of work?

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