Swedish TV Gem

Vem Vet Mest, July 15 2014 from SVT

Vem Vet Mest, July 15 2014 from SVT

I spotted this on the Swedish TV Quiz Show, “Vem vet mest?” http://www.svt.se/vem-vet-mest/ which goes out nightly at 7pm (and is repeated throughout the day) on Swedish national TV.

It’s a show I watch to practice my Swedish language skills, as it includes Swedish text to support the voice.

I don’t think I need to translate, except to say somehow, I don’t think this question would have made the cut on Australian TV.

In case you’re wondering, she didn’t know it was “Die Hard”.

2 thoughts

    • It’s funny Victor, because there’s a TV show currently screening in the US about an American who moves to live in Sweden. It’s actually a Swedish program which they’re running with subtitles and everything. Shock horror. The Swedish uncle in the series runs a video shop and is obsessed with American cinema, and says that very line in the program also.


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