Cheesecake Innovation

Earlier today my friend Sue faced the dilemma of guests coming for lunch (including myself, a connoisseur of cheesecakes): she had all the ingredients for a cheesecake EXCEPT the Arrowroot biscuits needed for the base.

Her cheesecake innovation? Crushed up Tim-Tams… It works!

Amongst my friends on various social media were some of these comments…

oh – my – god

one word – genius

Heavenly. :)

It looks like the caremel cubes :)

Now I know what to do with all the not quite stale chocolate ripple bikkies I’ve got! (I don’t want to do a chock ripple cake!)

So how does it taste?

I would work with this!!

Butternut Snaps are very tasty too.

I’ve been thinking of a way to up the calorie density of cheesecake for years! And now I know how !!

On so many levels

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