Continental Cafe – Redfern

“Would you like a glass of water to start with?”, I was asked by the waitress at Redfern’s Continental Cafe. I’m obviously not a regular. “No, just white wine will be fine..”, I told her with a smile.

“I’ve been trying to get in here for months”, my friend told me, as we sat down to eat last night. As it was, without a booking, the best we could manage was a couple of seats at the bar. Even then, I’d arrived at 6pm, early by almost any standard. So, as I sat and waited for my friend, I sat quietly and drank a glass of wine, and had a brief look through the menu.

Thinking back about the experience now, I’m struggling to remember what it was like, It’s funny: you go to a restaurant and the day after, you definitely remember the really great and the really terrible experiences, but somehow you struggle to remember those places which were just fine. The day after going to the Continental Cafe at Redfern, that’s the headspace I’m in. But I remember the meals were of a good size, and tasty, and not too expensive. Nothing exceptional, but good.

PS Went back again on Thursday night, and have added a further photograph.

Redfern Continental
Redfern Continental

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