“I’m sure I saw a sign for McDonalds here somewhere”, I thought to myself as I scouted the restaurant menus at Tokyo’s Mori Tower. Sadly, I’ve spent most my life living with champagne tastes, but on a beer budget. Though it would have been tempting to have enjoyed a two-hundred dollar meal (yes, seriously), common sense prevailed.

Although my main reason for visiting the Mori Tower was to see the world famous Mori Art Gallery, art was the last thing on my mind. It was about 1.30, 2.00 o’clock and I was hungry as. In the end I settled for a hamburger and beer in the “family friendly” food court on the ground floor. I enjoyed the meal very much, though the beer was a little odd. “Would you like ice with the beer”, I was asked, interpreting that as being “beer with a head”. The beer arrived, and it had a head, but it was incredibly icy, far too icy to enjoy, actually. The burger was good.

Sadly, the main part of the Mori Art Gallery was closed, and I wasn’t all that interested in seeing the one exhibition space that was open, and so I head up to the top floor viewing space. And what a viewing space: with full-length, clean windows, you can enjoy drop-dead views of Tokyo, as you can see in these photographs. As much as I enjoyed going to the Metropolitan Government Building, and seeing those wonderful sunset views of Mount Fuji, this was also pretty special. Highly recommended.

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