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When my old school-friend told me late last year he was planning to visit Stockholm, and was looking for a few “travel tips”, my first question to him was “when are you going to be there?”. Because there is so much climate variation between the summer and winter months, there are some things you can and cannot do, according to the time you visit. When he told me it would be early-mid August, I told him simply, “Don’t worry, I’ll show you around…”

Stockholm sunset, as viewed from Fotografiska
Stockholm sunset, as viewed from Fotografiska

One of the activities, for example, you can’t do during the winter months is the Stockholm Rooftop Tour, Upplev Mer (Experience more). I first did this tour in 2011 and absolutely loved it, and so recommended it highly. “Just book it…”, he said via email. Over the course of about 75 minutes, you get to walk (harnessed) along the rooftop of the old parliament building. It’s quite spectacular.

Since he arrived around lunchtime yesterday, we’ve also paid a visit to Katarinahissen (which has spectacular views of Stockholm); we’ve had a cocktail at Berns (my other school-friend who has visited, Sue has fond memories of this); and we had dinner and drinks last night at Fotografiska (the photograph museum) with friends Sandra and Robert.

Stockholm, as viewed from the rooftop tour
Stockholm, as viewed from the rooftop tour
Taking part in the rooftop tour, Stockholm
Taking part in the rooftop tour, Stockholm

Despite a lengthy queue for dinner, we managed to secure a really terrific table, and enjoyed a sensational meal. While the others had salmon, I had the pork (which was excellent). Unlike many other restaurants, the philosophy at Fotografiska is that the vegetables are the “main course”. They were beautifully prepared and very tasty.

Over a few hours of great conversation, we enjoyed a bottle or two of wine, and watched last night’s beautiful sunset. The night ended with a walk through the city (the Stockholm Kulturfestival is currently underway)and through Gamla stan. So yeah, we’ve managed to squeeze a fair deal of activity into a few short hours.

Vegetables at Fotografiska, Stockholm
Vegetables at Fotografiska, Stockholm

Today, we’re heading off on a cruise of the Stockholm Archipelago (to Vaxholm and back); and will also visit the Vasamuseet and the ABBA Museum (his idea, not mine), and whatever ever else the evening may hold. Peter Hook from New Order is playing a free public gig tonight, as part of the Stockholm Kulturfestival. If the weather clears (currently there’s a little bit of drizzle), this should be a terrific way to spend my last full day in Stockholm before heading off to New York tomorrow.

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