Kookaburra Sits On My Balcony

Kookaburra Sits On My Balcony
Merry Merry King of Surry Hills Is He
Laugh Kookaburra, Laugh Kookaburra
Gay, your life must be.

Well, this is Surry Hills.

Seriously though, what a joy this was to have this little fella visit for about half an hour this afternoon.

4 comments on “Kookaburra Sits On My Balcony

  1. We had a kookaburra hanging round our place for a while a couple of years ago. My housemate thought: “How cute!” and took a few pictures of the kookaburra with his phone. It often perched on a tree above our fish pond. Then one day my housemate saw the kookaburra on the fence on the other side of the yard with a red-gold object in its beak… The remainder of the fish became a lot more cautious; a carapace of metal fencing has been installed above the pond; and we never saw the kookaburra again.


  2. Love the kookaburra pics..I have one that sits on my clothes line..and can hear them laughing in the bush nearby some days. They are a treat.


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