The Glasshouse – Hobart

“I’m sorry, we’re fully booked”, the maitre’d told us as we made our way into Hobart’s “The Glasshouse”. “However, we could offer you some seats at the bar or a couch”, she added. We looked over at the couches near the window. Two longish couches which could have seated six, with a low table in the middle. “Perfect”, we all decided instantly.

Though table dining is a lovely thing, for the gathering we had (work colleagues, sharing plates and wine), it was absolutely perfect. The food was excellent: oysters, king fish, lamb, deep fried mushrooms, and the BEST eggplant I’ve had in ages. There was lots of oohing and ahhing. And we all felt absolutely happy with the portions. The service was also excellent: there when you wanted it, and not in your face when it wasn’t there.

The restaurant was recommended by my ex and his wife, who are regular visitors to Hobart (they’ve bought a house here), and I’m glad he did. It was night, and we were deep in conversation, so we probably didn’t take in much of the water views, but I think it would be especially good around lunchtime or sunset. Though it’s a little expensive for “ordinary tastes”, it was a terrific night, and I’m happy to recommend it also.

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