Please Like Me

“I know you had a coffee cart, but do you and any of the characters actually have a job?”, I asked Josh Thomas in a Q&A following a sneak preview of the Series 4 of “Please Like Me”, held earlier today at Sydney’s “Golden Age Cinema”.

As the words came from my mouth, I knew instantly I sounded like a cliche of my generation. I didn’t mean that to be the case. I was just curious about the fully rounded characters I’ve come to know and love. Josh said that several times during the show they had been “advised” to give the characters jobs, but that he had always resisted the temptation. “The show is just about the people they’re kissing, and besides it would be boring to watch the characters at work”, he said.

Having really enjoyed the program over three seasons, I’m really pleased to say the first two episodes of Series 4 look really good. The first episode has lots of  laugh out loud moments, and the audience applauded instantly when the credits started to role. The second episode is much more sombre, actually quite sad, and the audience sat there quietly, almost stunned, unsure whether to applaud or not. Eventually they did.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the remaining episodes.


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