Back Laneway

“Do you mind if I pop in and take a few photographs?”, I asked the bloke with legs covered in clay, as I walked around the back laneway of the street where I live. “I have a couple of colleagues who are really into pottery, and I’d love to show them what you’re doing”, I added. He told me it wasn’t a problem.

And I’m pleased because it’s something which excites me about the street on which I live. We have a garage, we have lots of apartment blocks, and now we have somewhere they make pottery. It’s a lovely addition to the other “creative industry” in my street, namely the head office of Illyria, the head office for Lachlan Murdoch’s investment companies.

I’ve also discovered recently, the apartment in the block in which I live was also once home to a printer. As a “creative person” myself, it makes me happy to see creativity lives on in the street in which I live.