Visiting Nimbin

Almost everyone who has ever visited Nimbin as a tourist will regale you with a story of how they were walking down the main street of Nimbin and were approached, and were asked if they wanted to buy some marijuana. It’s almost a badge of honour for some. But looking back on my forty-something years of visiting Nimbin, I can honestly say it’s never happened to me. I probably look far too straight.

Today, I thought I might be approached. I had my camera hanging around my neck, and I was wearing a tourist t-shirt. But no, nothing. That said, I was with a mate, a long-term local, and the only green stuff we were interested in was parsley to add to the pasta. The Emporium was sold out. Outrageous!

Jokes aside, I had a lovely day with friends, visiting them on their farm, and here are some photographs from my visit.

  1. Looking too straight or, perhaps, looking like an undercover cop trying to play tourist? 😉

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    1. Yes maybe, though there was a massive operation a couple of months ago to clean up the “laneway boys” with, I think, a 10km exclusion zone as part of their bail.



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