Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade 2017

“The last time I went to the party, I saw YOU there”, I said to a colleague this week, in response to the question about my plans for Mardi Gras. “Oh that was a long time ago”, she responded. Though they say you’re only as old as you feel, I definitely feel too old for the party. Sweaty. Crowded. Noisy. Or perhaps another way of looking at it is I don’t actually have any friends who would want to go with me, even if I did. We’re all in a different phase of our lives, I guess.

But I do quite enjoy taking a walk to Darlinghurst to watch the parade. Though I must emphasise my tolerance for crowds isn’t what it once was (i.e. compared to the days when I actually went in the parade), so I tend to find a quieter spot towards the end of the parade, rather than be in the thick of it all at Taylor Square.

And though not officially “working”, I made a brief appearance on ABC Radio tonight, describing the parade.