The Weather’s Changed

A friend sent me a text message today. Accompanying the photograph of rain on the window from his office was a note, “Did you really have to take the weather with you back to Australia? It’s raining here now :(. It’s been a bit of friendly joke over the last couple of weeks that when I arrived, summer arrived, and now that I’m going back, the weather has turned back to the way it a. Of course, it hasn’t. I’ve just been extremely lucky.

Due to the weather, I didn’t really do all that much for my final full day. Yes, I could have gone to some museums and galleries, but I preferred to spend the day wandering around Stockholm. A coffee in the morning, lunch at a Chinese restaurant called “Chopstick” (where, ironically I had to ask for chopstick), and then later a beer at a nearby pub, and a bite to eat.

The thing I’ve loved most about the holiday is that it has actually been a “holiday”. I’m never one for lying on a beach doing nothing. When I travel, I like to do lot of things, try new adventures. This holiday had been a combination of both. Seeing some new things. Enjoying catching up with people. And relaxing, and really enjoying the terrific city, which I love just to wander around.

  1. My English interpretations of the words in the Swedish newspaper story about Tiger Woods amuses me.



    1. It’s the word rattfylla, isn’t it? It’s DUI. His girlfriend’s in tears.



  2. I can’t believe the holiday is over already! That went incredibly quickly.

    Love the new minimalist blog template – though miss the photo in the header.



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