Hell’s Kitchen

“They’re all very well dressed”, Debra Lawrence said to the overlay, as we walked on to the set of “Hell’s Kitchen”, the celebrity cooking program that’s screened on Australian television over the last few months. Even before the comment, she was our favourite, as we got down to the final four, ahead of the program’s grand final. She’s such a terrific actress, we all wanted her to win, especially since she was up against Lincoln Lewis, Willy Mason and a reality television contestant we’d never heard of before.

Several months after it was recorded, and several weeks after it screened on television, tonight I finally got around to watching the penultimate episode of the program. It was fun to see my friends and I on screen, and think back to the fun afternoon/evening we had. To be honest, the food wasn’t that great, and the meals arrived very slowly, but we enjoyed the wine, we enjoyed the conversation and we had a wonderful time.

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